Varun Tej took his time starting his upcoming film Matka for a variety of reasons. The actor needed a physical makeover for the film, which he has been working on for the past six months. The actor who works out regularly will have a mean and slender appearance.

Meanwhile, preparations for the commencement of production on this Karuna Kumar film are ongoing. Matka's regular filming will begin in December, according to the producers. This historical action drama is based on genuine events that rocked the whole country. varun Tej's appearance changes dramatically throughout the course of the novel, which spans 24 years. The film will feature nine action scenes staged by four different stunt directors.

On the outskirts of Hyderabad, a massive set depicting historic vizag city is being built. Matka, produced by Vyra Entertainments, would be created on a vast scale across India. The principal females will be played by nora fatehi and Meenakshi Chowdary. nora fatehi underwent training for her role in the film. Mega prince Varun Tej took his time to begin his new film Matka, for various reasons. The actor needed to undergo a physical makeover for the movie

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