It is known that Animal is getting good collections at the box office. This movie is getting a good response not only in the North industry but also in the South industry. In a way, if the response to this film is seen in two telugu states, it seems that there is a possibility that Sandeep's range will increase to another level in the coming days. sandeep has shown his mark-making in every scene of this movie. 

Especially in some bold scenes, the way the hero's character was highlighted also surprised everyone. It is said that the performance of ranbir kapoor is next level. But there are still many opinions as to why Mahesh missed such a film. Needless to say, the level of buzz this movie created when the trailer came out. But it can be said that Mahesh is not wrong in rejecting this film. 

Director sandeep said that at first, he did not tell Mahesh about Animal but about another story called Devil. But this is not very believable. First, it was heard that sandeep had told the animal story to Mahesh, but it was a strong talk. Indeed, when such a story comes out, it can be said that even if Mahesh refuses, it is not his fault. 

Why can any kind of experiment be done with Ranbir Kapoor's star image? Such violent stories are also set well for him. But it can be said that if it is done with mahesh babu in the same way, it will not set much. If he acts in such films, the audience may not agree much. Moreover, in the animal story, the director has highlighted bold romantic scenes with a few silly gestures to suit reality. The scene where the hero has sex not only with the heroine but also with another girl in the movie is very bold.

 Some words are also harsh in the movie. In a way, ranbir kapoor is set perfectly but it can be said that a hero with a soft image like Mahesh will not be set so well if he plays such scenes. Anyway, I thought it was Sandeep reddy but ranbir kapoor played the role perfectly. But even a hero like mahesh babu should not do this.

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