The malayalam film industry is gaining widespread acclaim for its content-driven approach, breaking language barriers and attracting pan-India audiences. Films with strong narratives are transcending linguistic boundaries, emphasizing the value of content over star power. Recent successes like 'The kerala Story' showcase how smaller-budget films can achieve tremendous success on a national scale.

The latest addition to this trend is the malayalam film 'Premalu,' released on february 9. The film garnered positive reviews from its initial screenings, with audiences praising its pan-India appeal. Following its success in malayalam, 'Premalu' had a global release on february 15, receiving a positive response worldwide. Remarkably, the film has already surpassed the 70 crore mark in collections, a significant achievement considering its modest 3 crore budget.

This success positions 'Premalu' as the first malayalam film to achieve such remarkable earnings on a low budget. industry experts anticipate further growth in the film's collections, underscoring its widespread popularity. Adding to its achievements, 'Premalu' is set to captivate telugu audiences as well. The telugu rights for the film have been secured by S.S. Karthikeya, and the movie is slated for a release on march 8. Hotstar has reportedly acquired the OTT rights for the film.

Directed by Girish, 'Premalu' features a talented cast, including Naslane, Mamita, Altaf Saleem, Meenakshi Ravindran, and Akhila Bhargava. The film's success emphasizes the industry's ability to produce compelling narratives that resonate across diverse audiences, reinforcing the growing influence of malayalam cinema on the national stage.

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