Is this a disease for the famous actress who flew the flag in the 80s? 

Warm information that they themselves said.

Actress bhanupriya has opened up about her memory problem.

Banupriya was one of the leading actresses who rose to fame in tamil cinema in the 80s. She made her debut in tamil cinema as a heroine in the 1983 film Mello Besaudu. Following this, film opportunities started piling up for him in tamil and Telugu.Within a short time of his debut on the screen, he acted in many language films like Telugu, tamil and Hindi. Banu priya has acted in around 155 films in tamil Telugu alone.

Banu priya has acted in many tamil hit films like Aararo Aariraro, Alaghan, Satreyan, Gopura Vasalile, Brahma. bhanupriya excelled not only in acting but also in dancing. He has also worked as a dubbing artist in many films.Adarsh married adarsh Kaushal in 1998. The couple has a daughter. But Banu priya is said to have lived separated from her husband.

Meanwhile, actress Banupriya has suddenly suffered from memory loss. Actress bhanupriya herself had said in a recent interview that she cannot remember anything. Speaking in that interview, he said, “I couldn't remember the things I had to do; After the shooting started, I forgot my accessories. I even thought of giving up acting in films because of this, but my husband died of a heart attack. So I came back to acting because I had the responsibility to save my child. It was the worst period of my life.” He said that.

Banupriya explained about the rumor that she is living separately from her husband. “My husband and I are not divorced. There are many rumors about this, but I don't want to talk about them as the husband is not alive now," she said. Stating that she lives away from the media limelight, Banupriya said she prefers to stay at home, read books, listen to music and do daily chores. It is to be noted that Panupriya's daughter Akshaya is currently pursuing a science degree at london University.

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