The distribution of fish prasadam began at Exhibition Grounds on friday morning, after a three-year pause. It is anticipated to go on until early on saturday morning. The popular yearly fish prasadam distribution was postponed for the past three years due to the Covid circumstance. Numerous individuals flocked to the location with the assumption that eating fish prasadam on Mrigasira karthi day helps treat respiratory conditions.

The Bathini family, who have been serving the fish prasadam for the past 177 years, claimed that enough prasadam has been prepared to ensure that it is given to every visitor to the location. "People from different faiths and from different parts of the country come and take the prasadam," a family member said. The Bathini family's recipe for this prasadam, which is a yellow substance inserted within the mouth of a live murrel fish, is zealously guarded. Without taking a drink of water, the live fish is then swallowed.

Over the past three days, a number of families from various States, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra, have been coming to the location. The event will be conducted smoothly thanks to the municipal administration's careful planning, which also guarantees that people waiting in queue will not encounter any difficulties. Together, a number of volunteer organisations have set up food and drink for attendees during the event.

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