There is only a short time left for the assembly elections in madhya pradesh and Aam Aadmi Party’s national

convenor arvind kejriwal has reached Rewa in the state to sound the election bugle. Here he has appealed to

the public that there are two parties in madhya pradesh - bjp and Congress, uproot both of them. Arvind

Kejriwal, while targeting bjp, said that the party is only concerned with power and for the sake of power,

they also need the country. Even if we have to sell, we will sell.

On the issue of india alliance, arvind kejriwal said that now bjp has problems with our alliance also. These

people have started getting irritated by the name India. If the name of our alliance was Bharat, would they

have had any problem with that?

Only two parties, once for this, once for that

At the same time, arvind kejriwal told the people of madhya pradesh, First use and then trust. He said,If

you think that work has been done in delhi and punjab, then vote for us.' Announcing the election guarantee

of AAP in madhya pradesh, arvind kejriwal said that there are two parties here, once this rules, once the

other rules, this time uproot both these parties.

Not only this, arvind kejriwal further said, 'There is a saying, first use and then trust. Call delhi and Punjab

and ask that kejriwal and bhagwant mann had come and were talking like this, did they work in delhi and

Punjab? If they say yes then vote otherwise don't vote. Till now in delhi and punjab it used to be that once it

was its rule, once it was its rule. There are two parties in madhya pradesh also, this time uproot both these

parties. Give a chance to Aam Aadmi party, I challenge that you will forget both the parties. Today I am

leaving you with ten guarantees.

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