In fact, china has established its dominance in the South china Sea and is also becoming increasingly powerful

in the indian Pacific. In such a situation, india needs America somewhere to deal with China. On the other

hand, America is looking for a partner who is not only democratic but also powerful. America is constantly

looking for an alternative to china and india fits in perfectly there.

On top of that, America also knows that india is the biggest market for arms. india does not step back in

purchasing expensive weapons. Till now, most of the weapons were not purchased from America because it

only supplied weapons and did not transfer technology with them. But recently technology has been transferred

with some weapons.

India is America's largest trade partner

Apart from this, America is India's biggest trade partner. India's bilateral trade with America has reached 191

billion dollars. Although India's bilateral trade with china has crossed 100 billion dollars, india is facing a huge

trade deficit with China. Talking about russia, after the war between russia and Ukraine, even though india has

bought oil from russia, the bilateral trade between the two countries has crossed only 30 billion dollars. In such

a situation, india cannot ignore russia just on the basis of its good relations.

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