Aam Aadmi party (AAP) has released the second list of its candidates for madhya pradesh assembly elections.

AAP has announced the names of 29 candidates in this list. Earlier, AAP had announced the names of 10

candidates. So far, AAP has declared a total of 39 candidates for the madhya pradesh assembly elections. AAP

has given ticket to actress Chahat Mani Pandey from Damoh. Apart from this, AAP has given tickets to Ramani

Devi Jatav from Bhander (SC), rahul Kushwaha from Bhind, Satendra Bhadoria from Mehgaon, Mohammad

Saud from bhopal North, Raisa Begum Malik from Narela, Chanda Kinnar from Malhara.

This candidate of AAP will compete with Kailash Vijayvargiya

Aam Aadmi party has announced the names of a total of 29 candidates in a message released on social media X

(formerly Twitter). Congratulating all the candidates, it has been said that this time the broom will work. In the

second list of AAP, Anurag Yadav will be the candidate from Indore-1 seat, bjp has fielded National Secretary

Kailash Vijayvargiya from here. On Sidhi assembly seat, AAP has fielded anand Mangal Singh, on this seat

BJP has fielded Reeti Pathak.

AAP had announced 10 candidates in the first list.

Earlier, aam aadmi party had released the first list for madhya pradesh assembly elections on 8th September.

In the first list, AAP had announced the names of candidates for 10 out of 230 assembly seats in the state. Out

of the 10 seats on which this list party had announced the names of the candidates, five were such seats on

which congress had won in the last assembly elections. While the ruling bjp had captured the remaining five

seats. aam aadmi party is trying its luck in madhya pradesh assembly elections for the first time. At present

AAP is in government in two states, the capital of which is delhi and Punjab.

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