Prime minister Modi has said that india has always been at the forefront of climate change action and climate change was given priority during the G20 summit as well. PM Modi has left for United Arab Emirates to participate in the COP28 World Climate Change Conference. In a statement issued ahead of the dubai visit, he said india has always been at the forefront of climate change action.


He said that climate change was also given priority during the G20 conference and prime minister Modi mentioned that the delhi declaration of the G20 conference also included concrete measures for climate action and sustainable development.

"India is a pioneer in climate change action. Our achievements in various fields like renewable energy, afforestation, energy security are proof of our commitment to the planet," the prime minister said.

"India has always given importance to climate action. During the leadership of the G20 summit, climate change was given priority," the prime minister said. prime minister Modi expressed his hope that the COP28 conference will provide an opportunity to review the progress made under the paris Agreement and pave the way for future action to tackle climate change.

The COP28 conference will be held in dubai from november 30 to december 12. prime minister Modi will attend the conference at the invitation of uae President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Representatives from nearly 200 countries, including prime minister Modi, will attend the summit. PM Modi had earlier attended the Glasgow conference in 2021. He then presented India's five-pronged plan to tackle climate change called 'Panchamirtham'.

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