Will Azharuddin hoist congress flag on Jubilee Hills?

The telangana election counting process started. The erstwhile big constituency, renamed in delimitation, is now in the limelight. It is interesting to see who will win the congress vs BRS battle. Khairatabad, the largest constituency in united Andhra Pradesh, was split in the 2009 redistricting of constituencies. Will the former cricketer's efforts to hoist the congress flag on jubilee hills, a new constituency formed with majority parts, be successful or not?
Khairatabad Constituency. The largest constituency in the country. After 2009 delimitation, Kukat Pally was bifurcated into Jubilee Hills. Some areas are contiguous. Some have moved to other constituencies. Only the senior congress leader late PJR remembers Khairatadab. After his death, his son Vishnuvarnan reddy was elected. Why did Vishnuvardhan reddy, who contested from jubilee hills in 2009 and won, fail to win in 2014 and 2018? He was defeated by BRS candidate Maganti Gopinath.Jubilee Hills is the richest area in the hyderabad region. The land rate is unpredictable. The area is home to big celebrities, businessmen, billionaires as well as the poor and middle class. Muslim-dominated areas like Mehdipatnam and Tolichouki fall under this constituency. This time, keeping in mind the minority votes here, the congress party fielded former cricketer Azharuddin to win this seat. Vishnuvardhan reddy, who was upset by this, took the BRS Tirdham.In fact, this is the first time Azuruddin is contesting state elections even though he is a local. Azharuddin, who joined the congress in 2009, was elected as an mp from Moradabad, UP. He is currently working as president of TPCC. As the local Muslims have also decided to vote for the congress this time, it seems that Azuruddin may win. Along with this, the opposition to the ruling party for ten consecutive years will be added. But it became interesting to see what would happen if the Majlis fielded a candidate here to split the minority votes.

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