• Election results will be declared in madhya pradesh on december 3. Preparations regarding this have been
  • completed. Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer of madhya pradesh Anupam Rajan has assured that the strong
  • rooms are completely safe and there is a central force arrangement at all the strong rooms. Giving information,
  • Anupam Rajan said that this time voting was conducted from home for voters above 80 years of age and disabled
  • voters. The number of people above 80 years of age who voted from home is 51,259. The number of disabled
  • voters who voted from home is 12,093. Out of those who were in essential services, 1,113 people took advantage
  • of home voting, which included fire, medical etc.
  • So many government employees voted
  • Rajan further said that the number of government employees who voted through postal ballot is 3,04,623. The
  • number of employees who voted through EDC is 21,197. In this way, more than 32500 government employees
  • have voted through postal ballot.
  • Result will come on 3rd December
  • Let us tell you that voting was held on 230 assembly seats of madhya pradesh on 17 November. Now the
  • election results will be revealed on december 3. Before this, some picture has emerged in the exit poll but the
  • actual results will be declared on Sunday. According to exit polls in madhya pradesh, this time congress can
  • reach the pinnacle of power in the state. There may be a farewell for Shivraj government. According to exit poll
  • data, if we talk about 230 seats in MP, 137 out of 113 seats can go to congress, while 88 to 112 seats can go to
  • BJP. Others may get two to eight seats.

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