Former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana alleged that ever since jagan took charge as the CM, there have been extreme rains and droughts in the state. He said that the farmers who lost their crops due to typhoon Michoung should be supported.

TDP leader and former minister Kanna Lakshminarayana said that ever since jagan took charge as ap CM, the state has been witnessing extreme rains and droughts. On Wednesday, he arranged a media conference and spoke. He said that due to the current Michoung typhoon, chilli, rice, cotton and gram crops have been damaged across the state. He said that the government should respond to this immediately.

Lakshminarayana said that they have demanded to declare drought zones in the past. He said that if more drought zones were declared, the government would face difficulties and they were not declared. 50,000 for chilli crop, 25,000 for rice and 25,000 for gram as compensation was demanded immediately.

Kanna Lakshminarayana demanded that the farmers should not be deceived and lied to and should be compensated immediately. He said that all facilities should be provided to the farmers. He demanded that the ruling ycp should take full responsibility for the drowning of Golagpadu.

The aim is to create new innovations and opportunities for the coming generation - Union minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar

They said that two lakh truckloads of soil was added to the fish pond on one side and on the other side, due to which the lizard drowned. He demanded the government to immediately help the residents of Naganna Kunta Colony. He said that the condition of the school there is bad. Houses fell down in 8th ward and requested the government to help them immediately.

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