Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) mp ravi kishan made a big claim regarding lok sabha elections 2024 in the Modi’s

Guarantee program on ABP News. bjp mp ravi kishan said that we are winning 400 seats in the 2024 Lok

Sabha elections. Along with this, the bjp leader said that PM Modi thinks only for the people and works without

stopping. The public has faith in PM Modi. He said that congress leader rahul Gandhi remains on leave for 6

months in a year. bjp mp ravi kishan, in an exclusive conversation with ABP News, on the question of which

big leader of congress is seen as a threat, said that congress leaders come to the house in a sleep, it seems as if

they have not studied and written. bjp mp said that congress does politics of religion. We bjp people have

Sanatani thinking and we take all people along. Opposition politics has not been on development, rahul Gandhi

remains on leave abroad for six months a year. PM Modi cannot be compared with anyone.

Everyone in india alliance wants to become PM – ravi Kishan

At the same time, he said that rahul Gandhi is looking like a big challenge after 20-30 years, he should go to the

Himalayas. On india alliance, he said that there is a stampede among them, all of them want to become PM. There

is no compromise below this in that alliance, everyone in this alliance has to become the Prime Minister. Before

PM Modi, congress should look within itself, because blunders happened in his government. We also went to

Kashmir and these people are living under monarchy. PM Modi has to make the country a world leader.

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