Congress has suffered a crushing defeat in Rajasthan, chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Whereas bjp has

registered a spectacular victory. Reactions are coming from all the leaders of haryana Congress regarding the

defeat of Congress. Senior haryana Congress leader kiran Choudhary has raised questions on BJP’s victory. Kiran

Choudhary has pointed out the disadvantages of factionalism. Along with this, kiran Chaudhary also cursed the

public for voting for BJP. While talking to the media, kiran Choudhary said that the party is reviewing the

crushing defeat in three states.

kiran Choudhary further said that the current situation in the country is leading to its destruction. Still people are

voting for bjp only. Only people will tell why this is happening. Due to unemployment, youth are migrating to

other countries. There is a shortage of even drinking water. There is no development taking place in cities and

villages. Apart from this, expressing the fear of EVM malfunction, kiran Choudhary said that anything is possible

in this government.

‘People of haryana will not give a chance to BJP’

Congress leader kiran Chaudhary further said that people have to understand whether you want work or

statements. kiran Chaudhary said that cm Manohar Lal Khattar used to talk about giving gas cylinders for Rs 500

in Rajasthan, so now he should give gas cylinders for Rs 500 in Haryana. If he does not give it now and does so at

the time of elections, it will be a statement. At the same time, he said that the people of haryana are wise, they will

not give another chance to BJP. Regarding the factionalism of Congress, kiran Choudhary said that wherever

factionalism happens, it causes harm. If everyone works together, it benefits.

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