Answering a question asked on india alliance, anurag thakur said that the pride of the arrogant alliance has been

shattered. He left no stone unturned to divide and break the country. He takes the Tukde Tukde gang with him.

Sonia Gandhi, rahul gandhi are all supporting him and taking him along. The bjp leader said that questions were

also raised in the parliament on rahul Gandhi’s association with the Tukde gang, on which he had said that we will

be torn to pieces, but will not allow the country to be torn into pieces.

congress guarantee failed in all three states

anurag thakur targeted congress and allies of india Alliance and said that they are insulting Sanatan Dharma,

Hindu and Hindi. They are promoting regionalism and casteism and are continuously working to divide the

country. On the victory in the recently concluded assembly elections, he said that because of Modi's guarantee,

bjp won in madhya pradesh, rajasthan and chhattisgarh and the public taught the congress party a lesson by

failing their guarantee. We won in madhya pradesh on the strength of our work. The public had faith in Modi's

guarantee and by expressing full confidence in him, he led to victory.

Congress's guarantee carries a star mark with condition applied

Raising questions on congress guarantee, the Union minister said that Modi's guarantee does not have any star

because all his guarantees are fulfilled, whereas congress guarantee is conditionally applied with a star mark.

Citing several guarantees of chhattisgarh, he targeted congress from the stage. He said that congress had

promised women Rs 6,000, unemployment allowance, loan waiver for farmers, making women alcohol-free by

swearing on the water of Ganga, but did not do so. congress was wiped out from the curse of Mother Ganga.

When he committed Mahadev App scam, he also got cursed by Mahadev.

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