According to sources RPF has rescued and reunited more than 520 missing children in november this year. In november this year, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) rescued more than 520 children and reunited them with their families through Operation Rescue of Missing Children. The Railway Security Force is committed to protecting railway assets, passenger facilities and passengers. The force is working 24 hours a day to provide passengers with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

In november 2023, RPF continued to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and helped indian Railways in providing reliable freight services to its customers. Thus, in the month of november 2023, RPF has made commendable achievements in its many activities. Accordingly, RPF has reunited more than 520 children in need of care and protection with their families through the operation "Rescue of missing children". The RPF played a vital role in ensuring the safe rescue of the children and their reunification with their families.


Similarly, RPF rescued 35 people from kidnappers in November. The Ministry of Railways said that the anti-trafficking units of the RPF at various levels in the indian Railways have worked tirelessly to thwart the evil intentions of human traffickers. Under the 'Jeevan Raksha' life-saving operation, 224 passengers who accidentally fell on platforms and railway tracks while alighting or boarding moving trains were rescued in November. RPF has launched an initiative called "Meri Saheli" Empowering women Passengers to take the safety of women passengers seriously. In november this year, 229 "Mari Saheli" teams were deployed in 13,552 trains and provided guaranteed safety to 410,259 women passengers. The RPF has taken action against 4618 persons who trespassed in the compartments reserved for women.

In the crackdown on middlemen, the RPF arrested 392 people in november and took legal action against them. Also, tickets worth Rs.42.28 lakh have been confiscated.

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