Ambedkar did not just give reservation, he gave fundamental rights of secularism, equality, freedom of religion, Ambedkar should be modernized. Literary guru Ramachandrappa was considered a multifaceted thinker socially, economically and politically. Ambedkar Resurgence-Resistance Symposium inaugurated by karnataka Electricity Board, Scheduled Caste/Schedule Welfare Organization at Ambedkar Parinirvana Day program at City Theater. It is very important to see Ambedkar from the perspective of the ground and to bring it up to date.

Ambedkar needs to understand how relevant he is today. Don't become fundamentalists: Seeds of guns are being sown in the rhetoric, there are two types of seeds that are being transformed into guns and guns, he said, in this country where there is terrorism and hatred, we should not be ideologically fundamentalists.

Denial of entry to the temple: Jailsingh did not enter the temple because untouchables were not allowed to enter. He explained about the caste system and ambiguity of not allowing entry to the temple if indira gandhi married a Muslim and Jesudas kaistas. He told about social democracy, economic democracy and political democracy, 73% of the wealth is enjoyed by 1%. 10.8 lakh crore loan waiver for capitalists. He questioned how the wealth of Bandawal Shahis increased by 35% during Corona.

Ambedkar who gave fundamental rights: Ambedkar did not just give reservation, he was multifaceted like giving equality, religious freedom, fundamental rights, casteists have displaced our priorities and we need to fight against this. Kisagothami Foundation Dr. Ramesh Bellam Konda, Ambedkar Research Center Researcher N.V. Bhagyalakshmi, writer Mathur Satya.J, Journalist N.S. Shankar, Dr. Sreeramaiah, Literary Kotiganahalli Ramaiah, Foundation President Prakash were present.

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