The average assets of all the candidates contesting the 2023 assembly elections is Rs 2.89 crore, which is more

than Rs 1 crore compared to the last time. The average assets of the candidates in the 2018 elections were Rs 1.73

crore. Now let’s take a look at the election results of five billionaire candidates. chaitanya Kashyap was contesting

from Ratlam City assembly seat as the richest candidate of the state. chaitanya Kashyap defeated congress Party

candidate Paras Dada by 60 thousand 708 votes. He received 1 lakh 9 thousand 656 votes. Paras Dada of Congress

could get only 48 thousand 948 votes.

BJP candidate Sanjay Satyendra Pathak has won from Vijayraghavgarh seat by defeating Neeraj Baghel of

Congress. Sanjay Satyendra Pathak got 98 thousand 10 votes while Neeraj Dada got 73 thousand 664 votes. The

second richest candidate of the state, Sanjay Satyendra Pathak won by a margin of 24 thousand 346 votes. BJP's

National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has won the election from the most popular Indore-1 seat with a

bumper vote. He has defeated Congress's billionaire candidate Sanjay Shukla. Sanjay Shukla was defeated by

Kailash Vijayvargiya by a margin of 57 thousand votes. Kailash Vijayvargiya got 1 lakh 58 thousand 123 votes.

BJP had fielded Kailash Vijayvargiya by cutting the ticket of his son.

BJP candidate wins and congress loses

Congress’s billionaire candidate Nilay Daga had to face defeat from Betul Assembly. Nilay Daga got 93 thousand

650 votes. Whereas, BJP’s hemant Khandelwal won by securing 1 lakh 9 thousand 183 votes. bjp candidate

Hemant Khandelwal won this election by 15 thousand 533 votes. Billionaire congress MLA Sanjay Sharma from

Tendukheda assembly constituency was once again in the election fray. BJP’s Vishwanath Singh Mulayam Bhaiya

won the Tendukheda seat by securing 83 thousand 916 votes. He defeated Sanjay Sharma Sanju Bhaiya of

Congress (who got 71 thousand 569 votes) by 12 thousand 347 votes.

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