Pankaj Tripathi might be the softest person in the film industry but he has played the character of Kadak Singh. The

name of the film itself is Kadak Singh. This is a thriller film which has come on ZEE5 and it shows Pankaj

Tripathi’s slightly different style, something which he has not done till now and this is a big reason to watch this film.


AK Srivastava i.e. pankaj tripathi, an officer in the Financial Crime Department, loses his memory after an

accident. After this, four different stories are told to them about who and what they are. They are also investigating

a big case. In such a situation, the question also arises that which story is correct? Who are they? Who is his real

daughter? Who is his real son? This is a thriller film so the story cannot be told more than this. For that you will

have to watch this film.

How is the movie?

This film keeps you captivated. A suspense starts in the film right from the beginning and something like this

happens after every while. There is some incident which keeps you engaged. Many times you think that something

like this will not happen but something else happens and the complete suspense is revealed towards the end.


Pankaj Tripathi has once again done an amazing job. Here he is seen in a different shade. He has not played such a

character before. A person who doesn't go to a wedding because he doesn't want to stand in line while giving

Shagun an envelope and doesn't smile fake. He is absolutely tough and pankaj tripathi does complete justice to

this character. parvathy thiruvothu has done a good job in the role of a nurse. The chemistry between him and

Pankaj Tripathi is good. sanjana sanghi has given life to the character of Pankaj Tripathi's daughter. This will be

called her best till date. Jaya Ahsan impresses in the role of Pankaj Tripathi's girlfriend Naina. The work of the rest

of the characters is also good.

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