Reportedly bjp has fired a barrage of questions at chief minister Stalin, who sought interim relief for tamil Nadu from the central government. The heavy rain caused by Cyclone Mijam in the Bay of bengal has caused various damage. Life is gradually returning to normal in the capital Chennai. Heavy rains accompanied by cyclonic winds have caused extensive damage to infrastructure. Therefore, chief minister Stalin has requested prime minister Modi to immediately provide Rs.5060 crore as interim relief to tamil Nadu.

In this situation, the bjp has barrage of questions to chief minister Stalin, who has sought interim relief for tamil Nadu from the Central Government. Narayanan Tirupati, the party's state vice-president, said in a statement: "Due to the unprecedented heavy rains in tamil Nadu due to Cyclone Mikjam, four districts namely Chennai, Tiruvallur, kanchipuram and Chengalpattu have been severely affected and various infrastructures such as roads, bridges and public buildings have been damaged and lakhs of people have lost their lives. tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin has requested prime minister Narendra Modi to immediately provide Rs.5060 crore under specific heads as an interim relief to tamil Nadu as livelihoods have been affected due to this.

As a chief minister it is his duty and responsibility to make demands. At the same time, a central government team will definitely come to visit the damaged areas. However, the chief minister has to clarify some questions.

1. What is the reason for not constructing roads after constructing rainwater drains during the last two and a half years of government? After digging the roads for rainwater drainage and then constructing them, why not bring the roads in good condition? Is it correct for the chief minister to say that the roads are damaged? Is the government responsible for the roads that were in a bad condition getting worse due to heavy rain water?

2. Have rivers and canals been diverted? If yes, will the government publish the statistics about it?

3. It is said that a committee of experts headed by retired IAS officer Tirupukazh was constituted to plan for rain water impact, but the committee did not meet even once in this financial year? If so, what are its recommendations? If not, what is the reason? Will the government explain that?

4. What is the amount spent by the DMK government in the last two years for the maintenance of roads, bridges and public buildings? If it had been properly spent, how would it have been affected? If not spent, why?

5. What is the reason why many waterlogged areas have been cut off till now while electricity connection is not provided in waterlogged areas? Is it true that there is a shortage of electrical appliances?

6. Why the failure to give proper precautions to people in low places? Why did they fail to predict that their vehicles would be hit?

7. There are alarming reports that roads have caved in at various construction sites, resulting in loss of lives and injuries. So doesn't it ensure that construction works are carried out without proper safety regulations?

8. When the roads are full of potholes where the metro rail works are taking place, why is there no continuous connection work?

9. Does the government accept that poor roads are the reason for the delay in reaching the affected people?

10. Will the government give an assurance that no construction will be allowed on water bodies in future? Will the tamil Nadu government give an assurance that concrete steps will be taken to remove the buildings constructed without permission?

The central government will help. Funding. But if the proper planning and operation of the state government, the funds and assistance would have been wasted! The questions will continue.” It says so.

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