Akash anand will take over the political legacy of BSP. mayawati has declared akash Anand as her successor.

Till now akash Anand was looking after the work of BSP behind the scenes. Now he will be seen batting openly

on the political pitch. Mayawati’s decision has been welcomed by BSP workers and leaders. Cadres are

expressing great happiness over BSP getting a young leader. In the meeting held on Sunday, Mayawati

announced to hand over the political legacy to nephew akash Anand. akash Anand is currently the national

coordinator of Bahujan Samaj Party. Since its launch, akash Anand’s stature is continuously increasing in the

party. There is a wave of happiness among the supporters due to the decision of giving the command of the party

to the nephew.

Bhimrao Ambedkar spoke on Mayawati's decision

BSP MLC Bhimrao Ambedkar said, “Mayawati ji's entire life has been one of renunciation and sacrifice. Today

is a very happy day for BSP. Today mayawati has given a young leader to BSP. ‘Bahujan Samaj Party’ has got a

young leader in the form of akash Anand. Therefore, our hearty congratulations to akash Anand. Bhimrao

Ambedkar said that the Bahujan movement cannot be ended easily. He alleged that casteist, capitalist and feudal

forces want to crush the Bahujan movement.

Nephew akash Anand's status increased in BSP

Akash anand could not cross the barrier of BSP in the upcoming assembly elections. BSP has to be content with

only two seats in Rajasthan. BSP got swept in Madhya Pradesh, chhattisgarh and Telangana. Expressing

confidence in akash Anand, mayawati had entrusted the responsibility of assembly elections of four states. Lok

Sabha elections are going to be held next year. BSP is not in alliance with either nda or India. Lok Sabha

elections will be a litmus test for akash Anand. The public will decide the success or failure of akash Anand in

the Agnipariksha.

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