David Warner's last test... shaheen Afridi challenge!?

 Pakistan's shaheen Afridi has said that Australia's David Warner will be sent away after losing the last Test match. David Warner is one of the legendary players of the Australian team. He was the main reason behind australia winning the title of champion in the recent world cup series. Now the attention of the Australian team has turned towards the Test matches. Especially since it is David Warner's last Test series, there is high expectation among the fans. David Warner, who has played 109 Test matches for australia so far, has scored 8,487 runs including 25 centuries and 36 fifties, including 3 double centuries. 37-year-old David Warner will play his last Test match at his home ground in Sydney. The Australian players are desperate to send him off with a win.
In this situation, the pakistan team has camped in Canberra to participate in the Test series against Australia. The Test series is scheduled to begin on december 14, before which the pakistan team will play some practice matches. Last time, australia beat pakistan at home. pakistan players are eager to retaliate by defeating the Australian team on their own soil. Talking about this, the star bowler of the pakistan team, shaheen Afridi, congratulated David Warner for his second innings. But he hopes David Warner doesn't say goodbye with the win. Because he is playing against them in the last match. They are at the top of the World Test championship series points table.  He also has no experience playing at Canberra ground. But he hopes to be able to prepare well for the Test series by playing against the Prime Minister's XI. He said that they are excited to play the first match to be played at the Perth Stadium. It is noteworthy that after 1995, the Australian team has not won even once at the Perth ground.

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