SHOCKING...Chennai airport security carelessness..!?

This is not the first time that Central Industrial Security has acted carelessly like this at chennai airport. Yesterday evening at 4:55 PM, indigo airlines officials were checking the tickets and their identity cards to board the indigo airlines passenger flight bound for madurai from chennai Domestic Airport. Then a person by the name of Bawa Moideen, who bought tickets online, checked online through the web, and boarded, came to madurai on this flight. indigo airlines officials have checked the passenger's online flight ticket and his Aadhaar card. Sarmesh Khan's name was on the Aadhaar card. But on the flight ticket, the name was Bawa Moideen. indigo airlines officials refused to allow the passenger to board the flight as he had one name on the flight ticket and one name on the Aadhaar card.
 After this, indigo airlines officials conducted an inquiry with the passenger. Then when the passenger entered the airport, the Central Industrial Security Force officers standing at the gate checked his online flight ticket and Aadhaar card and let him in. In that case, why would he refuse to board the plane? he asked. Just because they sent it by mistake, they cannot make the same mistake. They have confirmed that only if the name on both the air ticket and Aadhaar cards is the same, they will be allowed to travel. After this, the passenger got into a heated argument with the officers. However, the indigo airlines officials did not allow the passenger to board the flight. After this, the passenger complained to the airport authorities. When the airport officials inquired about the incident, it was revealed that the Central Industrial Security Force officers, who were on security duty at the airport gate, had mistakenly sent in both the flight ticket and the Aadhaar card without noticing that there were different names on them. Realizing that this was a mistake, the airport authorities are investigating the incident. 
This is not the first time that Central Industrial Security has acted carelessly like this at chennai airport. Two months ago, a young man from sri lanka was sent inside chennai international airport without any documents including a flight ticket. When the youth wandered into the international airport and tried to steal the cell phone of an employee at the citizenship office, the airport officials caught him red-handed and questioned him. Then it was revealed that the Sri Lankan youth had entered the airport through the passenger gate without any documents. About this incident, the airport authorities complained to the higher officials of the Central Industrial Security Force, and an investigation was conducted. Similar incidents have happened in the past. This incident has created a stir at the chennai airport.

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