Houseboat capsizes in Kerala..What Reason?

A lucky escape occurred on monday when a family from tamil Nadu was on a house boat tour in Vembanad Lake in the alappuzha district. According to port department officials, the yacht has been operating illegally since 2018. Since the family did not submit a police complaint, the police have not yet opened an investigation as of monday night.

The incident occurred inside the boundaries of Pulincunnu police station at around 2.30 p.m. in the middle of the rani kayal. The "Eastern Safhy" houseboat, which has a single bedroom, was anchored so the three members of the family could eat lunch there. Muthukrishnan, his wife Deepika, and their daughter Shanti were aboard the vessel. The family is from Srirangam, which is close to Tiruchirappally.

The boat's stability is thought to have been lost when its bottom struck some tree stumps or sand dunes. Fortunately, there were many speed boats in the area, and they rushed to save the tourists. They were all returned to the Kannitta boat jetty after being saved. The family decided to end their tour and head home after being shocked by the accident. Nobody was hurt during the incident.

The boat was owned by Chandy Philip, who leased it to alappuzha local Anaz, according to the tourism police. Three employees were aboard the boat when the incident occurred. According to Pulincunnu SHO, no cases have been reported thus far because the tourists didn't make any complaints. The officer claimed, "They didn't even report the accident."

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