41 trapped workers in Silkyara tunnel safely rescued...

On november 28, the 41 workers who were trapped inside the Silkyara tunnel in uttarakhand were safely extracted by the rescue crew, ending the rescue operation that had taken more than two weeks. Since november 12, when part of the 4.5-kilometer tunnel caved in due to a landslide, the workers have been confined inside. 

Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of uttarakhand, greeted each worker as they emerged, expressing relief. Ambulances from the state government were positioned outside the tunnel, where the rescued workers were transported to hospitals. It was reported that all of the rescued workers were in stable condition and did not require immediate medical attention. They were receiving food and water through small pipes that had been dug earlier in the rescue effort.

Speaking on behalf of the state government, kirti Panwar stated that roughly twelve men had spent the entire night digging by hand through rocks and debris. They then took turns using hand-held drilling tools to remove the muck in what they believed to be the last stages of the rescue operation.

Because uttarakhand is a mountainous state, the drilling machine broke down irreparably on friday while drilling horizontally from the front. Rescuers had to resort to manual digging. After the machine bored through about 47 meters (about 154 feet) of the approximately 57-60 meters (about 187-196 feet) that were required, rescuers began working by hand to carve out a path so that the trapped workers could be evacuated.

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