Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Battle won, all 41 workers came out!!!

On the seventeenth day, the labourers stranded in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi eventually emerged. For them, tuesday afternoon brought a fresh lease on life. The workers were driven straight to the hospital in ambulances as soon as they emerged from the tunnel. The administration, the rescue team, and the workers' families have all sighed in relief following the successful rescue operation. Vijay Horo, a resident of Jharkhand, was the first person to leave. Ganpati Horo, another labourer, has also been removed from the tunnel. The chief minister covered him with a shawl to greet him during this. Five labourers have been removed from the tunnel thus far.

Additionally, the following people have been fired: Manjeet, Anil, Dhirendra nayak, Unadhar nayak, Tapan Mandal, ram Prasad, Champa Urao, jai Prakash, and Sukhram. Among the laborers removed from the tunnel are Ranjit Lohar, Mahadev nayak, Jaidev Vaira, Sokhim Manna, Sanjay, and Rajendra respectively. Additionally dismissed are Ramsundar, Subodh Kumar Verma, and vishwajeet Verma. ram Milan, sameer nayak, and Ravidra nayak have also been removed from the tunnel.

Santosh Kumar, Ankit Kumar, Satdev, Sonu Shah, deepak Kumar, Manik, Akhilesh, gabbar singh Negi, Ahmed, Sushil Sharma, Virendra, Bhagtu, and Rinku were among the laborers who were supposed to be evacuated from the tunnel.

These laborers were removed by excavating through the rubble and using a drilling machine to create a tunnel through which 800 mm pipes were placed. Through these pipes, the workers were removed one by one, and they were removed crawling. For the employees who were too weak or incapable of crawling out for whatever reason, a wheeled stretcher was designed. These workers were removed using a rope after being placed on stretchers.

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