In the midst of his continuing invasion of ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an order boosting the country's military forces. According to a decree released late friday on the Kremlin's website, the overall number of armed forces will rise to 2.2 million, with 1.3 million serving as troops. The Defence Ministry claimed in a Telegram post that this will raise the number of personnel by 170,000.

The ministry also stated that the action was motivated by the ongoing conflict in ukraine and the "expansion" of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but that no mobilization is planned. In august 2022, Putin approved an increase in the strength of the military forces to 2.04 million personnel, slightly less than a month before russia proclaimed a "partial mobilization." According to historians, it was the country's first since the Nazi invasion in World war II.

Putin authorized a plan last year to boost the number of personnel to 1.5 million, a process that the Kremlin intends to extend until 2026. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree expanding the country’s armed services amid his ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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