The vote in telangana has ended, and the popular mandate has been sealed. Almost all exit polls, including Axis india Today, indicate a strong comeback for the congress administration in Telangana. revanth reddy has already publicized his oath ceremony site and arrangements, proclaiming the formation of their administration, far in advance of the voting day. trs is worried, and kcr has yet to address the media. Both kcr and ktr appear to be lacking in their typical enthusiasm and ridicule of opponents.

While exit polls predict a return of congress, what if they are wrong and kcr wins? It would be a huge surprise, and it would very certainly force kcr and ktr to revert to their typical ridiculing approach, targeted not just at revanth reddy but also at the media sources who revealed these exit surveys. With only one day till the suspense begins, let us wait and see what decision the people of telangana choose on KCR.

Telangana State Chief Electoral Officer Vikas raj affirmed that no re-polling will take place across the state, emphasizing the state's readiness for the vote-counting process on december 3. Security precautions have been put in place around the 49 designated counting centers. The preparations include 1,766 tables for vote counting, as well as a significant increase in postal ballot usage, which reached 180,000 in this election.

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