On Friday, december 1, the animal was unleashed around the country. The trailer has previously hinted to a cheesy film about a father and son. However, the song Hua Main hinted that listeners will be treated to an emotional love narrative centered on ranbir kapoor and rashmika Mandanna. While the song Hua Main hints at their chemistry, a few photographs from the film suggest that there are many more personal moments in the film.

Following the success of a photo of rashmika and Ranbir looking to be enjoying an intimate time in their room, another shot from the film of Ranbir and tripti dimri has become popular on social media. [Spoiler Alert] Tripti plays a character who is romantically engaged with Ranbir Kapoor's character. Both actors can be seen laying on a bed in an image from the film that is making the rounds on the internet, with Ranbir resting his head on Tripti's stomach in what seems to be a post-coital moment. Tripti is seen with her hands concealing her breasts.

The Central Board of picture Certification granted the picture an Adults Only (A) licence earlier this week and directed director Sandeep reddy Vanga to make five adjustments. One of the things they have requested is that the length of intimate sequences be reduced. One of the pointers in the leaked certificate states, "Modified the intimate visuals of Vijay and Zoya by deleting the close-up shots at TCR 02:28:37."

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