An Enforcement Directorate (ED) official was detained after reportedly accepting a Rs 20 lakh bribe from a government employee in tamil Nadu's Dindigul. The State Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Unit apprehended him. ankit tiwari, the officer, has been placed in judicial detention until december 15. Following his detention, the Dindigul district Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) conducted searches at the ED's madurai office. The officials also searched Ankit Tiwari's house.

According to reports, the investigation revealed that other cops from madurai and chennai were implicated in this case. ankit tiwari was accused of blackmailing several people and extorting bribes worth crores from them. According to accounts, he was also delivering bribes to other ED officers. Some documents have also been seized from him and more ED officials at the madurai and chennai offices may be searched in connection with the case, sources added.

Ankit Tiwari reportedly called a government official from Dindigul on october 29 in connection with a closed DVAC case against him. He informed the employee that the Prime Minister's office (PMO) had requested an inquiry into the situation.

Ankit Tiwari has requested that the employee appear at the ED's madurai office on october 30 for further inquiry. The ED official allegedly demanded Rs 3 crore as a bribe from the employee on the day he arrived at the workplace in order to end the probe.

He later informed the employee that he had discussed the bribe with high authorities and had decided to reduce it to Rs 51 lakh.

On november 1, the ED official allegedly received the first installment of Rs 20 lakh from a government employee.

The ED officer then demanded that he pay the whole sum, claiming that it had to be split among higher-ranking authorities. He also warned the government employee with dire repercussions if he did not pay up.

On november 30, the government employee filed a complaint against ankit tiwari with DVAC's Dindigul section, suspecting his demands. An initial inquiry found that Ankit abused his authority as an ED officer, and the DVAC filed a complaint against him.

Ankit Tiwari was reportedly caught red-handed taking the second installment of Rs 20 lakh from a government employee on Friday, december 1.

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