The Missouri police Department in the united states detained three men on suspicion of kidnapping and abusing a 20-year-old indian student. The rescued student, who came to the united states from india last year to study at Missouri university of Science and technology in Rolla, is being treated in a hospital for many fractures, lacerations, and injuries all over his body.

One of the student's relatives and two other guys held him hostage for more than seven months, according to the student's identity. According to investigators, he was denied toilet access, assaulted, and made to labour at three different residences. According to news agency PTI, the event was reported by a 'concerned citizen' who became aware of the situation.

When police arrived at the property, which was located on a remote route in st Charles County, they detained the suspects, who were identified as venkatesh R Sattaru (35) (the primary suspect and the indian student's cousin), sravan Varma Penumetcha, 23, and Nikhil Verma Penmatsa, 27. They were charged with human trafficking, abduction, and assault, among other things.

The student was transported to Sattaru's house in april and forced to begin chores, work a full day for Sattaru's IT firm, and then fulfil a list of nighttime jobs, according to police. They further said Sattaru would summon the other two defendants and order them to beat the 20-year-old via livestream. Sattaru would urge them to beat the victim harder if he didn't scream loud enough. According to what the indian student told the police, Sattaru is a "wealthy, powerful man in india with political and law enforcement connections," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

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