The results of assembly elections in four states -- madhya pradesh, rajasthan, chhattisgarh, and telangana -- will be released today, providing poll experts with a view of the popular mood months before the general elections. Voting in three hindi belts and one southern state will begin at 8 a.m. The bharatiya janata party and the congress are said to be neck and neck in these assembly elections, with exit polls projecting victory for both parties in two states.

The congress party governs rajasthan and chhattisgarh, whereas the bjp governs Madhya Pradesh. Exit polls in rajasthan and madhya pradesh anticipated a bjp triumph. They also believe the congress will retain power in Chhattisgarh. The biggest surprise, however, is expected in telangana, where the congress seems to be unseating chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, who has dominated the state's politics since its establishment in 2014.

Counting will commence for 230 madhya pradesh seats, 90 chhattisgarh seats, 119 telangana seats, and 199 rajasthan seats. A strong showing in these elections will boost the Congress' chances in the 2024 general election and its stature in the opposition's india coalition. If the party wins all four states, it may be able to solidify its position as the big brother in an alliance in which numerous regional players appear to be vying for the top spot.

The hindi heartland states are also critical for the BJP. The bjp gained a large number of lok sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, madhya pradesh, and rajasthan in the last two general elections. A strong showing in these states will demonstrate that their support base has not dwindled over time. In telangana, the party would seek anti-incumbency votes in order to gain a foothold in the southern state.

"The postal ballot counting will begin at 8 a.m." The process of counting votes via EVMs will begin half an hour after the postal ballots are counted. "To ensure a smooth counting process, 90 returning officers, 416 assistant returning officers, 4596 counting personnel, and 1698 micro-observers have been appointed," stated chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer reena Baba Saheb Kangale.

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