Election Results: bjp will form governments in three states...

The bharatiya janata party (BJP) is expected to win in madhya pradesh, rajasthan, and chhattisgarh according to election commission trends, while the congress is ahead of chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao's BRS in tamil Nadu. The results of the 2023 assembly elections will be announced by nightfall.

What you should know about the elections in Rajasthan

On november 25, elections were held for 199 of the 200 seats in the rajasthan Assembly. election commission statistics showed the bjp was cruising to victory in rajasthan, with its candidates winning eight seats and leading in 106, while the congress was winning one constituency and leading in 69.

What you should know about the elections in Chhattisgarh

Elections for 20 of the state's seats took place on november 7 and for the remaining 90 seats on november 17. According to the most recent trends reported by the ECI, the bjp has passed the halfway point of 46 seats in the 90-member chhattisgarh assembly, holding the lead in 54 seats compared to the Congress's 33.

The essential information regarding the madhya pradesh elections

The ECI trends showed that the Bharat Adivasi party had won one seat, the congress had 66 seats, the bjp had 161 seats, and the Bahujan Samaj party had two seats.

Things to be aware of regarding the elections in Telangana

On november 30, telangana held elections for 119 seats. By going over the halfway point, congress overthrew the Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS), led by chandrasekhar Rao, who had been in charge since telangana was awarded statehood in 2014. The congress passed the majority threshold, taking 65 seats out of the 119 members of the telangana assembly, according to ECI trends.39 seats are held by the BRS, 9 by the bjp, 5 by the AIMIM, and 1 by the CPI.

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