Recently, chiranjeevi addressed the rumours that he had cancer. Fans of the South's biggest celebrity had been worried about him since rumours that the actor had cancer began to circulate. But chiranjeevi dispelled all rumours by saying that he had never received a cancer diagnosis. He also said that by performing routine examinations, he was able to find non-cancerous polyps that, if left unchecked, may have developed into serious tumours.

Chiranjeevi recently responded to the rumour that he has cancer on Social media. He stressed that he had never received a cancer diagnosis. "A while ago I spoke about the need to raise awareness about cancer while launching a cancer centre," he posted in Telugu. I informed you that frequent medical examinations might help you from developing cancer.

The telugu actor continued by saying that he underwent a colonoscopy and was awake. He disclosed the discovery of non-cancerous polyps to his followers and supporters. "I only said, 'If I hadn't done the test first, it would have turned out to be cancer," the actor said. I just recommended that everyone should exercise care and be checked out by a renowned doctor.


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