Last night, when Mega Powerstar ram charan appeared at the india Today Conference in New delhi as a special guest, he actually spoke like a world celebrity as he discussed his experiences with everything, from growing up as a nepotistic child to becoming a star in his own right. In his conversation with renowned journalist and talk show host Rajdeep Sardesai, he named the persons he will always hold in the highest regard.

"I have a lot of respect for my dad and my uncle pawan kalyan because of the amount of work they put in and the passion and sensitivity they have for everything. Following that, rajamouli is the only person I truly like and respect. ram charan remarked at the conclave, "Every time I step into his set, he makes me feel like I have to start over from scratch and puts me through demanding hard labor that could be seen on screen.

Rajamouli handed him the two biggest hits of his career—Magadheera and RRR—and thanks to the latter, he has today earned the hearts of viewers all over the world and is jokingly referred to as a global celebrity. The mega-hero claimed that rajamouli alone was responsible for all aspects of rrr and claimed that he was nothing more than a blank canvas on which the director had to work. Moreover, Charan stated that if rajamouli were not the director, he would not have dared to collaborate on a film with ntr because their families have been viewed as rivals for the past 35 years by their followers. It's important to remember that.

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