Fans are anxiously awaiting news about the title of the movie because Nandamuri balakrishna and anil ravipudi have been generating a lot of buzz about #NBK108 for some time. The movie's title has been rumored to be Ramarao Garu, Rao Garu, and many more names. Then finally they had the title 'Bro, I Don't Care'. But as Pawan Kalyan's movie title sounds the same they have now changed it.

According to reports, #NBK108's official title is "Bhagavath Kesari- I Don't Care," which is not what everyone was expecting. The fact that there are numerous liberation warriors with the name kesari suggests something about the personality, charm, and character of balayya in the movie. The combo scenes between Sreeleela, the movie's rising star, and balayya, the character she plays, are thought to be the movie's standout moments. In addition, kajal aggarwal will play the lead role, and her part will be just as thrilling as the tollywood roles she has previously played.

On the other hand, anil ravipudi is finishing the movie quickly, allowing them to aim for a release date earlier than anticipated. Before taking a break from work to focus on the elections, balayya wants to make sure to offer cinema enthusiasts the ultimate treat after a string of highly popular films like akhanda and Veera simha Reddy.

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