Sunny Deol starrer film Gadar 2 was released in theaters on october 11. Gadar 2, the sequel

to 2001’s Gadar Ek prem Katha, got a tremendous response from the audience. The film is

making record breaking collections at the box office since day one. However, after making

noise at the ticket window for a month, Gadar 2 faced tough competition from Shahrukh

Khan starrer film Jawan. But Gadar 2 also competed with Jawan with full strength,

although during this time the film’s earnings reduced from crores to lakhs, but Gadar 2 is

earning at the box office even in the seventh week of its release. Let us know here how much

business of Sunny Deol’s film has done on its seventh sunday i.e. 45th day?

How many crores did Gadar 2 earn on the 45th day?

After ruling the box office for a month, even though Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 is very close to

the end of its theatrical run, still the craze for the film has not ended. Even in front of the

tsunami of Jawan, this film survives. According to industry tracker Sacknilk, the film

directed by anil sharma earned Rs 50 lakh on Saturday. With this, the 44 day collection of

Gadar 2 became Rs 522.84 crore. Now the initial figures of earnings of the seventh Sunday

i.e. 45th day of the release of Gadar 2 have also come. According to which, there was an

increase in the film’s earnings on sunday as compared to Saturday.

According to the early trend report of SACNILC, Gadar 2 collected Rs 65 lakh on the 45th

day of its release i.e. the seventh Sunday. With this, the total collection of 45 days of Gadar 2

has now become Rs 523.46 crore.

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