Vijay does not have the courage that vishal has..!?

This year, the most talked about film celebrities and political celebrities is actor Vijay. Everyone thought that Vijay's next move would be politics. Accordingly, he was given a buildup by Vijay fans and Vijay People's Movement executives. Now actor vishal has made a complete dummy of it. An important qualification for politics is to boldly challenge and question the wrongs that happen. It is doubtful if all the questioners have won. But all the people who asked questions remained standing in people's minds. Vijay has left the fort completely in this matter.
Last week Michaung Cyclone shook the entire North tamil Nadu. Although the storm was not affected, people are still suffering from the traces left by it. Two days after the cyclone passed away, Vijay issued a statement to the people's movement executives. In it, he asked them all to stay safe and do whatever they could to help.Vijay's statements are always well-received by the people. But this time no one noticed the statement. The reason for this is what Vijay had talked about in general. It was a surprise to everyone that a leader who wanted to enter politics would not open his mouth about the sufferings of the people. vishal had boldly released a video against the ruling party for not taking precautions to the extent that people were affected by the rains and floods.
After watching this video, chennai Mayor priya responded so much that his words reached. But Vijay did not say anything about this.
If it is to save the people who do not want to join politics, then in such a situation, the mistake should be acknowledged. When vishal, who says that he has no political intentions, boldly asks the question, Thalapathy keeps his mouth shut. people are now questioning what he will do by coming into politics without asking any questions.

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