"As far as drinking water is concerned, it is safe. Until the rainy season, chennai has enough water. Therefore, there is no chance of drinking water shortage," Municipal Administration minister KN Nehru said.

Minister KN Nehru on friday started the training for the drivers of sewage trucks on how to safely clean the sewage from the sewage collection tank using machinery at the Drinking Water Board Training Center under the chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

He also published a training manual on safe mechanized sewage treatment. Speaking to the press later, he said: "The central government has awarded tamil Nadu government as the first state in india for the effective implementation of the Jaljeevan project. A pipeline from Sembarambakkam lake to chennai is being laid. If this work is completed, 1200 to 1300 mlt of water can be supplied to Chennai.

It has already been said that all the pipes in the North chennai area will be replaced, and the work of replacing all those pipes is underway. As the pipes have been laid for 50-60 years, there have been repairs at some places. Any areas of repair are being replaced. We are doing it continuously.

As far as drinking water is concerned in chennai, it is safe. chennai has enough water till the rainy season. Therefore, there is no possibility of drinking water shortage in chennai," he said.

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