Police have arrested 6 people who were selling Tasmac liquor by giving information through walkie talkies in Thiruvidaimarudur circle, Tiruppanandal and seized 3 walkie talkies and 2 two wheelers from them.

Police received confidential information that Tasmac was selling liquor without permission in Tiruppanandal area from 10 pm to 12 noon. After this, when the police went to the place of sale, they ran away. After this, when the police investigated the matter further, it came to light that a group of them sold liquor and fled, saying that the police were getting information through walkie-talkies.

Following this, DSP Y. The police, under the leadership of Jafar Siddique, were engaged in secret surveillance work yesterday. At that time, it came to be known that one of the people there was giving information about the movement of the police to the neighbor through the walkie talkie that the children were playing and they were constantly exchanging information with each other. Following this, when the police tracked them down, it was found that Thiruppanandal was hiding near the Manniyar.

Later, the police arrested 6 people from the same area namely Satchuvanan (26), Ganesan (46), Arumugam (30), Shekhar (63), Sasikumar (40) and ravi (55) and seized the 3 walkie talkies, 2 two wheelers used by them. The vehicle has been impounded and an investigation is underway.

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