The AIADMK broke its alliance with the bjp and withdrew from the National Democratic Alliance. Amid recent rifts in the AIADMK-BJP alliance, an emergency consultation meeting of AIADMK district secretaries, assembly members, members of parliament and club leaders was held today. In an emergency meeting chaired by AIADMK general secretary Edappadi Palaniswami, a resolution was passed to withdraw from the alliance with the BJP. No bjp in AIADMK alliance; The resolution has been passed that it is not for today and not for ever. Former minister KP Munusamy has said that AIADMK has withdrawn from the national democratic alliance and a new alliance will be formed under the leadership of AIADMK in the parliamentary elections.

As the lok sabha elections are approaching, all the parties across the country are gearing up for the elections. The opposition parties have united and formed the india Alliance to defeat the bjp at the national level. Hence, the bjp is forced to strengthen the alliance and bring new parties into the alliance.

In this situation, AIADMK, the main opposition party in tamil Nadu, has broken the alliance with BJP. After the death of jayalalithaa, bjp has been traveling in the AIADMK alliance, there have been criticisms that the bjp is trying to gain a foothold in tamil Nadu by riding on the AIADMK and that the AIADMK is carrying the bjp unnecessarily.

After the last assembly elections, these voices rang out loud within the AIADMK. Political observers also pointed out that the bjp was able to get 4 members only because it was in the AIADMK alliance. However, a public image was constructed that the coalition was strong. Meanwhile, the conflict between bjp state president annamalai and AIADMK leaders was increasing. The AIADMK reacted strongly to his comments about Perarirjan Anna. The AIADMK did not even respond in this way to his comments about jayalalithaa last time. Therefore, it was said that since bjp is asking for more seats in the lok sabha elections and is determined to bring TTV and OPS into the party, and because Edappadi Palaniswami does not agree with this, it was said that the AIADMK took advantage of this criticism of annamalai for their politics.

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