On tuesday, the State administration advised residents to use caution when dealing with seasonal ailments rather than panic. Less dengue positive cases were recorded this year than were reported the previous year. health minister T harish rao stated on tuesday that while 5,263 dengue cases have been registered during the same period this year, 7,988 dengue positive cases were reported during the same period last year.

Health experts noted a modest increase in viral fevers caused by bad weather at a review conference on seasonal infections. It is the responsibility of people and families to take safeguards in their homes against vector-borne illnesses like malaria and dengue, harish rao said. "While the health department is coordinating with other departments to take preventive measures against seasonal diseases," district health authorities have been instructed to keep an eye out for private hospitals that try to bilk patients by overcharging for blood platelets and other services while treating dengue positive patients.

The findings of patients who undertake these tests will be made available to the public within a day thanks to the government-run diagnostic facilities' ample supply of dengue diagnostic kits. According to harish rao, all of the state-run wellness centres, CHCs, and PHCs were adequately equipped with life-saving medications and diagnostic tools to provide prompt medical assistance. The minister instructed the health department to avoid needlessly referring patients to tertiary care centres in hyderabad and to make sure that viral fever and dengue positive cases are handled locally.

During the review conference, the health secretary, the director of public health, the DME, and others said that longer OPs and even evening clinics would be scheduled at all state-run hospitals in the event of a substantial increase.

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