India has earned a spot on the list of the world's nations with the highest levels of education, which is dominated by european countries. south korea is at the top of the list. According to a survey by the X handle "World of Statistics," 20% of indian individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 have finished postsecondary education.

South Korea has the largest percentage of educated people, which the research defines as those who have finished university education. The country topped the list of the world's most educated nations with a literacy rate of 69 percent. canada has the greatest proportion of educated people after South Korea. With 60% of its population having a college degree or more, Luxembourg, the nation with the greatest GDP per capita, is ranked sixth in the world.

Surprisingly, the united states places lower on the list than several european nations. One of the largest nations in Europe, Germany, is ranked lower on the list as well. india is ranked number 43 on the list with 20% of its people having finished university education.

Below is the complete list of the most educated countries in the world:

South Korea: 69%
Canada: 67%
Japan: 65%
Ireland: 63%
Russia: 62%
Luxembourg: 60%
Lithuania: 58%
UK: 57%
Netherlands: 56%
Norway: 56%
Australia: 56%
Sweden: 52%
Belgium: 51%
Switzerland: 51%
United States: 51%
Spain: 50%
France: 50%
Denmark: 49%
Slovenia: 47%
Israel: 46%
Latvia: 45%
Greece: 45%
Portugal: 44%
New Zealand: 44%
Estonia: 44%
Austria: 43%
Turkey: 41%
Iceland: 41%
Finland: 40%
Poland: 40%
Chile: 40%
Slovakia: 39%
Germany: 37%
Czechia: 34%
Colombia: 34%
Hungary: 32%
Costa Rica: 31%
Italy: 29%
Mexico: 27%
China: 27%
Saudi Arabia: 26%
Brazil: 23%
India: 20%
Argentina: 19%
Indonesia: 18%
South Africa: 13%

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