People have got relief from pollution after the rains from monday evening till late night in the country’s capital

Delhi and surrounding cities. Despite this, Environment minister Gopal Rai has advised delhi to remain in alert

mode regarding the ongoing fluctuations in the weather. While talking to the news agency, he said that it is true

that compared to the last few days, there is a lot of relief from air pollution in delhi, but the people of delhi do

not need to be worried about it.

Regarding the weather condition in delhi, Environment minister Gopal Rai said, A few days ago, the air quality

index of delhi had reached severe category. Yesterday there was light rain in the city due to which the pollution

has improved. The improvement is temporary. It will continue for a few more days. I appeal to the people of

Delhi and NCR to remain alert about the weather instead of being careless.

Pollution control still needs more efforts

He said that the wind is blowing even in Mangwalar. There is much improvement in pollution compared to

yesterday. It is not permanent but temporary. Meteorologists predict that the wind speed is likely to reduce. In

such a situation, fluctuations in weather will continue. Apart from this, the issue of stubble has almost been

eliminated in Punjab. There is a need to make more efforts in this direction in delhi NCR.

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