As most exit polls say the congress is likely to lose power to the bjp in Rajasthan, the Grand Old party may have to do more than just nurse its wounds. It could actually land in the middle of a fresh round in the internal fight ashok gehlot vs Sachin Pilot. This time, not over credit for a win, but over who is to blame for the loss. If it wins as only one prominent exit poll suggests it will, of course, have a big victory to celebrate but also one less problem to deal with ahead of the big fight for the lok sabha in 2024.

The generational feud between chief minister Gehlot and his former deputy sachin pilot has been on relatively low flame for the weeks leading up to the polls. United for now, for the party’s cause, they appeared and a loss is likely to change that immediately. Pilot, reportedly backed by the younger Gandhis, became his deputy and got major credit for organizational work. To settle all ends, the party purportedly worked out a 50:50 deal two and a half years each for Gehlot and Pilot. But Pilot and even the party were unable to make that formula happen despite attempts, as Gehlot remained the top choice of congress MLAs.

Pilot even fashioned a rebellion in 2020, insisting that the party keep its promise of making him the cm for half the term. But his revolt ran out of steam; he lost the position of deputy and no longer remained the state party chief. And if the party wins Rajasthan, then again equations might change maybe even a bigger projection for Gehlot ahead of 2024? It appears Gehlot may not have much to lose either way. Pilot may be eyeing another shot, but politics does not work in straight lines. He would know.

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