While the bjp has won three of the four state elections and is certain to form the government, the congress M.P. bjp hits back at Karti Chidambaram's comment. Counting of votes for four states out of five recently concluded state elections is taking place today. While the bharatiya janata party is winning in 3 state assembly elections namely Rajasthan, madhya pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the congress is going to win and form the government only in Telangana.


The congress victory in telangana has ensured that the bjp is not in power in even one of the southern states. Many bjp opponents are posting about this on social media. In this case, Karti Chidambaram, the congress leader and the son of former Finance minister P. Chidambaram, has posted his opinion on the four state election results on social media. The bjp is responding strongly to that. He tweeted, "The SOUTH!" The post abbreviated as (The South) has angered the BJP.

Reacting to his comment, Dhaval Patel, national in-charge of BJP's tribal wing, said, “BJP has 30 MPs in South India. congress has only 29 MPs. This person has the mania to divide india and build a narrative that South india is anti-BJP," he said.

Congress President praveen Chakraborty also said, "The difference between South and North is clear!" He posted on Twitter. bjp mp has responded to this. smriti irani said, “They used religion and caste to divide people, now they are trying to divide them geographically. When bjp says 'Bharat without Congress', it is this kind of divisive politics that we want to eradicate," he said.

“Despite facing defeat in a state in the south, the bjp has not made such a divisive statement. This is the difference between bjp and Congress. They (Congress) are dividing the electorate and the country,” he said.

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