Chief minister M.K.Stalin personally visited the State Emergency Operations Center and reviewed the precautionary measures being taken to deal with heavy rains and cyclone Migjam. 210 km from Chennai. In the distance lies the Migjam storm center. 8 kmph in last 6 hours. Moving fast. The storm continues to move in a north-northwesterly direction. It is likely to remain in North tamil Nadu - South Andhra coast tomorrow morning, move in a northerly direction parallel to the coast and cross the coast between nellore - Masulipatnam on december 5 morning.

Chennai, Thiruvallur, kanchipuram and Chengalpattu districts are likely to receive heavy rain. Very heavy rain at a few places. Cyclone Mikjam has formed in the Bay of bengal and is moving at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour. Cyclone Mikjam is moving very slowly. Migjam storm may reach 150 km to 175 km near Chennai. Heavy rains are likely to occur in chennai till tomorrow night," he said. In this situation, chief minister M. K. stalin conducted an investigation at the state emergency control center in Ezhilakam, chennai in response to the storm Migjam.

Chief minister M. K. stalin asked the officials about the measures taken to deal with the storm. chief minister M.K.Stalin spoke to reporters after reviewing the heavy rain and Migjam storm precautions at the State Emergency Operations Center in Chepauk, Chennai.

Speaking at that time, he said, “Consultations have been made with the district Collectors regarding Mikjam storm precautions. 23 disaster recovery teams are on standby. Another 225 players are ready. Monitoring officers are taking action in the districts under rain warning. A 24-hour emergency control center is available. During the storm, there is a risk of downed trees and power poles, so the public should not go out unnecessarily. A warning has been given that the storm will bring heavy rain.

1000 motor pumps are kept ready in chennai alone. "Private companies in chennai, Chengalpattu, kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts should make their employees work from home as much as possible tomorrow," he said.

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