Telangana’s incoming chief minister and congress leader revanth reddy has given a controversial statement

regarding bihar, so now politics has started in bihar over it. Attacking revanth Reddy’s statement, bjp National

General Secretary and bihar bjp leader Rituraj Sinha on wednesday said that revanth reddy has the audacity to

call the Kurmi brothers of bihar as having low level of dna, which is completely indecent and sad. He said that I

believe that it has two subjects. First, will chief minister nitish kumar raise this issue with congress and seek

revanth Reddy’s apology from the people of bihar, especially the Kurmi brothers, and will nitish kumar take

initiative for this?

We do not accept such comments – Rituraj Sinha

Further Rituraj Sinha said that the second thing is that revanth reddy has a misconception in his mind that the

dna of bihar is lower class than the dna of the people of Telangana. I want to tell them that whether roads are

being built in the government system or software, doctors in hospitals or engineers in construction work, Bihar

supplies every kind of manpower and talent across the country, only then the country runs. And we do not accept

such comments for Bihari. This will have to be explained to Reddy.

'Telangana dna is better than Bihar's DNA

Actually, revanth reddy had given a statement regarding former telangana chief minister KCR. He said that my

dna is from telangana while KCR's dna is from Bihar. She is a Kurmi. He belongs to Kurmi caste of Bihar.

Who migrated to Vijayanagar in andhra pradesh and then worked with the Nizam here. In this sequence, Revanth

Reddy said that telangana dna is better than Bihar's DNA. You find my 10 generations. We are from Telangana


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