A campaign gaining momentum suggests that chief minister jagan is swiftly moving towards a massive overhaul in ycp, aiming to convey a strong message about the introduction of fresh faces. Determined to secure victory in the 2024 elections, jagan appears to be drawing insights from the recent telangana elections. The telangana results are being studied to understand the impact of fielding candidates from sitting constituencies and the success achieved by introducing new faces.

Chief minister jagan reportedly aims to bring in new faces from ycp for nearly half of the constituencies in the 2024 elections. While the government has implemented extensive welfare programs, the positive sentiment is crucial, and jagan perceives potential opposition to local MLAs as a significant obstacle. Following the telangana results, jagan engaged in a lengthy discussion with Rushi, the state affairs in-charge of AIPAC, where IPAC survey reports were seriously deliberated.

According to reports, up to 68 MLAs may need to change their positions based on the IPAC survey results. ycp has conducted its surveys, and the party is considering various strategies, including setting aside popular leaders and reshuffling positions. The focus is on creating a movement, with some MLAs contesting as MPs and others assured of justice through MLC positions. The seats for sitting MLAs are reportedly in doubt this time.

In response to discussions with Rushi, even ministers are not guaranteed tickets in several places. The high command is considering a cautious approach, potentially denying tickets to ministers and former ministers based on public support. ycp is actively engaged in the ap Y Needs jagan program, reaching every house alongside the people. As a part of their strategy, new faces may replace incumbents to ensure a winning combination.

Amidst these developments, YCP's new strategy involves daily reviews in the 68 assembly constituencies expected to miss out on tickets. The focus is on providing tickets only to candidates with a high chance of winning. The question of who will be denied tickets is a significant consideration, with debates arising over the stance of about half of the 151 ycp MLAs.

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