Why congress can't figure out the winning combination?

In the rajasthan, madhya pradesh, chhattisgarh, and Mizoram assembly elections, the congress party has been soundly defeated. In the past ten years, rahul gandhi has led the congress party to thirteen significant defeats. Beginning with the madhya pradesh, rajasthan, and chhattisgarh assembly elections in 2013, a string of setbacks ensued. rahul gandhi claimed to have discovered a winning formula for the congress in interviews with media following the party's election defeat, but even after ten years, the congress has not been able to do so.

To discover the winning combination, three national presidents of congress have been replaced in the past ten years. Two general secretaries of the organization were also absent. Alliances were also employed frequently, but they were all unable to topple the BJP's triumphant chariot. The recent elections have seen the defeat of numerous prominent members of Congress. These include the names of TS Singhdev, the previous chhattisgarh government's deputy chief minister, NP Prajapati, the former speaker of the madhya pradesh assembly, and CP Joshi, the former speaker of the rajasthan assembly.

Why did four states' elections to congress fail?

1. The EVM scandal, in the opinion of former chief minister of madhya pradesh Digvijay Singh, is the primary cause of the congress party's loss. According to Singh, the congress party has taken 199 of the 230 seats in the election. postal ballots are available to government workers, the elderly, the disabled, and those working on elections.

2. Political analyst Partha Das claims that although congress did well in four states in terms of vote share, the party's campaigning was appalling. Could the party not explain to the public why they ought to support it?

3. Umang Singhar, a former minister and congress MLA, claims that we lost the elections because we were unable to stop the BJP's electoral apparatus and its lies.

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